3D Cell Culture NanoCulture®Plate (NCP) System
The NanoCulture®Plate (NCP) system was developed by SCIVAX Corporation in Japan.
Using its nanotechnology, SCIVAX developed a very thin film with a micro structure, which is used as the bottom of the NCP. This micro pattern enables 3D cell growth without the use of 3D scaffolds or a gel-matrix.
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SEM image of spheroid on NanoCulture®Plate (NCP)

Spheroids on NCP are round in shape and attached to the surface of the pattern. Medium change is possible and spheroids can be easily fixed, stained or lysed in the well.
3D spheroid on NCP
2D culture on PS

Advantages of the NanoCulture®Plate

  • Uniform and reproducible spheroid formation
  • Spheroids are attached to the plate and medium change is possible
  • Easy handling using conventional 2D cell culture technique
  • The NCP system has great optical properties (comparable to glass) for high performance imaging
  • Spheroids on the NCP plate preserve differentiation characteristics
  • Animal-free product
  • Easy harvest of spheroids
  • Amenable for high throughput screening

  • Application

    The NCP system is ideal for 3D culturing of
  • Cancer cell lines
  • Primary tumors
  • Mesenchymal stem cells
  • Normal cells: adipocytes, osteoblast, hepatocytes
  • We are no longer distributing the NCP system. Please contact JSR Micro to place your order.

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