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Apr 24, 2014
Dr. Greg Coffey from Portola Pharmaceuticals will be presenting the poster on "Reverse phase protein microarray for identification of IL6 receptor ligation-induced insulin receptor, PI3K/AKT, and JAK/STAT signaling pathways in the CARD11 mutated lymphoma cell line OCI-Ly3" at 2014 ASCO annual meeting.

Poster Board: #261
Date and Time: Mon, Jun 2, 1:15 PM - 5:00 PM
Location: S Hall A2
Track(s): Lymphoma and Plasma Cell Disorders
Session Type: General Poster Session

Apr 16, 2014
Our client Carna Biosciences (booth # 20613) will be exhibiting at the ASCO 50th Annual Meeting 2014 in Chicago, IL from May 30 through June 3.

Apr 15, 2014
InfiniteBio will be exhibiting at SELECTBIO 2nd. Annual Clinical Translation of Stem Cells 2014 in Palm Desert, CA on April 21 and 22. Discovery of Biomarkers using RPPA by Carna Biosciences' scientist will be presented at the poster session.

Apr 01, 2014
CarnaBio USA and InfiniteBio are cohosting the 1st Open Innovation Forum at its Sunnyvale lab on April 1. Four different topics will be covered. Click here for more information.

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Clinical Translation of Stem Cells Apr 21-22, 2014
SelectBio hosts its 2nd Annual Clinical Translation of Stem Cells conference in Palm Desert, CA. Click here for more detail.

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